our Products

Lawn Mower Spindle & Parts

AIS produces and supplies more than 80 models of deck spindle assemblies and parts which perfectly fit and replace most brands and models in the market.

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Die-Casting & Metal Machining Parts

AIS supplies die-casting products as well as metal machining process according to customer's requirement and needs.

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Custom Made Products

With experienced employee and connections in different industries, AIS can work with customer to developing or sourcing products and goods.

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Manufacturing and Production

Die-casting and metal machining is our speciality. Aliminum, zinc alloy or carbon steel machining are all in our service range. AIS has the ability to produce according to customer's drawings or samples.


Out Sourcing Service and Solution

Find a hard time or want to save some energy for sourcing new supplier? AIS can do the job. You may have more time focusing on your selling or staying with your family!


Labeling, Packing, and Warehousing

AIS is able and happy to labelling and packing the goods with customer's instruction. Also, warehousing(USA Only) or drop ship service might be comply under certain agreement. We want to help your sales.